Monthly Archives: June 2012

Communications Review 18

‘It’s the equivalent of talking about salmonella and forgetting to mention that food tastes good’ writes Anna Quilden on the emphasis in America’s sex education on the potential risks, as opposed to pleasure, of sex. Full of witty one liners on the toughest of topics ( gay rights, materialism, the financial crisis)  Quilden’s column in […]

Communications Review 17

A big-hitter on the Channel 4 schedule in the run-up to Christmas Black Mirror is the latest creation of the  dark humourist and media personality Charlie Brooker. Script-writing is just one of his talents, he has also presented various television programmes including ‘Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe’, has written several books and writes regularly for The Guardian.  […]

Communications Review 16

‘I didn’t want to be a women’s journalist, I wanted to be a journalist’  Mary Stott said, which was why she was so upset when at the age of nineteen she was made the editor of the women’s page of the Leicester Mail.  Largely recognised as the ‘mother of Fleet Street’ her desire to make […]

Communications Review 15

Upton Sinclair is often held up to young American journalism undergraduates as an exemplar of great investigative hack. ‘I am at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach’ was how he described the success of his novel The Jungle.  Written with a socialist agenda, it follows the story of 12 Lithuanian […]

Communications Review 14

Richard Peppiatt became a hack because it was easier  than the ‘hard labour’ he was doing out in LA on the road to becoming a serious writer. After years of celebrity-chasing working for ‘The Daily Star’ Peppiatt exposed his paper’s anti-Muslim agenda in a very public letter of resignation earlier this year. Funny, but damning, […]

Communications Review 13

Wang Yongchen is a multi-platform journalist who writes and campaigns on environmental issues. So deep is her love of nature that she intends to open a ‘sound museum’ where visitors can come and ‘listen to the howl of the ocean or the whistle of the leaves in the air.’ During the 1980s she presented two […]

Communications Review 12

Killed  in a shell attack during the Syrian conflict Marie Colvin is recognised as one of the most courageous, self-sacrificing and brilliant war correspondents  of her generation. ‘I don’t just want to report, I want to change things’ she said. It was this belief in the importance of the work she was doing that pushed […]