Communications Review 18

‘It’s the equivalent of talking about salmonella and forgetting to mention that food tastes good’ writes Anna Quilden on the emphasis in America’s sex education on the potential risks, as opposed to pleasure, of sex. Full of witty one liners on the toughest of topics ( gay rights, materialism, the financial crisis)  Quilden’s column in The New York Times won her the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1992. It was during the 80s that she established herself as a journalistic talent with her ‘Life in the 30s’ column in which she took the stuff of everyday life and probed that bit deeper examining the dilemmas many modern women, and men, face. Writing intimately about her marriage and her children she established a strong rapport with her readers, testified by the number of fan sites dedicated to her on the internet.  Moving away from journalism to focus on her literary career she has written five bestsellers although she still occasionally contributes articles to Newsweek.  Funny but philosophical the articles below showcase  the charm of her writing.


I love the way the videos are arranged in a block on the page. A day with Alessandron Dell’Acqua is particularly interesting.

A talk by Paul Lewis on how social media can be used to hold authority and large organisations to account focusing specifically on the cases of Ian Tomlison and Jimmy Mubenga .


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