A round up of the week’s best articles:

This BBC news review assesses the mood of the press in the run-up to the Treasury’s budget announcement next week…

An interesting blog, from the Holmes Report, which takes issue with the findings of  two recent surveys that call into question the return on investment companies receive from engaging in CSR activities…

What would Jesus Tweet? The Huffignton Post looks at how the Catholic Church is using social media to connect with believers…

This week’s most innovative use of social media:

‘Gamification’ is the latest social media buzz word: as its name suggests it involves applying game dynamics to social media content. Danish energy firm Vestforbrænding successfully managed to gamify its social media output by creating a pop-up pizza shop. The idea was that the more people that liked the company’s Facebook page the more free pizza they would win. Energy saving was also incentivised- the less power local citizens used, once again, the more pizza they were entitled to. This creative use of social media benefits the company and the environment- it is sure to be copied by businesses across the globe.

This week’s best marketing campaign:

Dove’s ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ has become iconic. Women seem to embrace marketing efforts from companies which don’t confront them with images of impossibly thin and impossibly beautiful models. This is why H&M’s use of size fourteen mannequins (instead of the usual size six or eight) has provoked so much comment and


Website of the week:

This fully bilingual website aims to create and sustain a dialogue on China’s environmental challenges.


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