Communications Review 21

A round up of the week’s best articles:

Want to know how to make news content smartphone friendly? Follow seventeen year old Nick D’Aloisio’s lead. He created the app ‘Summly’, which summarises news stories so that they’re tailored to fit mobile phone screens,  which he sold to Yahoo in a multi-million pound deal this week.

 Proving what a wide variety of bloggers they attract to their site, Lulu shares her tips on aging in the spotlight with readers of the Huffington Post.

 The size of the images in this New York Times travel guide means the piece works very well and looks amazing.


This week’s most innovative use of social media

Virgin is a brand famous almost as famous for its marketing as it is for its product. Take the set up of the British Airways sponsored London Eye- when Branson heard they were having problems erecting the wheel he had one of his blimps to fly across the site with the banner ‘BA Can’t Get It Up’ displayed on its awning.  Unsurprisingly, Virgin  has been quick to incorporate social media into its business operations. All members of staff are encouraged to comment (positively) about the brand. Virgin has event launched its own in-flight social network ‘Chatter’ to connect employees and passengers. 

 This week’s best marketing campaign:

Tescos has launched a virtual Easter egg hunt on Google Street View. Find  three eggs on Google maps and you win a free Easter egg, find a golden egg and you receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Website of the week:

This website is a forum that connects entrepreneurs looking to start social enterprises with potential investors.


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