Communications Review 23

A round up of the week’s best articles:  

Bringing crowdfunding to China.

A reaction to North Korea’s threats of further nuclear missile tests  from Japan’s biggest selling newspaper.

Fancy a different kind of cultural experience? Read on…,-opera-jawa-selendang-merah-di-jakarta.html

opera-jawa-gatranews-eva (1)

This week’s most innovative use of social media:  In response to an April fools joke request from a fan on Wharburton’s Facebook page that they start making an ‘All Ends’ loaf the company has actually released a prototype ends-only product which has gone on sale this week.

This week’s best marketing campaign: Carlsberg Singapore’s latest marketing campaign is as controversial as it is creative. The brand is challenging it customers to put their friendships to the test. Participants have to sign up their friends on the Carlsberg website. Those selected are then set a series of  testing trials which measure how much they are willing to endure for their mates- the winners receive a Carlsberg funded party. The campaign’s tagline is ‘how far would you go for a friend’ and promotes Carlsberg’s ability to bring people together.

Website of the week:  For journalists looking to  launch new titles KickStarter is the place to go to find funding.


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