Communications Review 24

A round up of the week’s best articles:

Can you get a job in just 140 words?

An interesting blog on media censorship in China.

A beautifully laid-out interview with Jack White for you to enjoy.

Have a browse of some of the most stylish Fashion Week A/W 2013 invitations.


This week’s most innovative use of social media:

Volkswagen India is successfully using LinkedIn in to gain recommendations for its products.  The brand has only recently entered the lucrative Indian automobile market and is looking to build brand awareness amongst aspirational professionals.  The car manufacturer first used targeted advertising on the LinkedIn site, before building a company page. In the month following its page launch the company received more than 2000 recommendations. This case study proves how important it is for brands  to think strategically about which social networks they target. 

This week’s best marketing campaign:

Oxfam has revealed that it is going to reward people who make donations to their shop with Nectar points. This is smart marketing decision as not only does it incentivise people to donate but it gives the charity access to Nectar’s extensive datasets which will help them better understand and build stronger relationships with their supporters.   

Website of the week:

A definitive source of information on digital marketing.


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